How to Increase Collaboration in an Organization With Google Apps

Today, employees are using Google apps to enhance their real-time communications and collaboration processes. Any person with a Google account can access Google Apps anywhere and anytime with an Internet connection.Most probably you are familiar with Gmail, but there are plenty of other Google apps for business that you may not be knowing about. These apps enable companies to heighten their productivity, communication and collaboration. The influence of these apps is expected to rise in the next two years.Let’s take a look at some of the most useful apps that can be used to enhance business collaboration:1. Better Collaboration with Less Email CutterGoogle’s Gmail for Work boasts a Priority Inbox that identifies your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. This will helps you to increase your efficiency by cutting down on email clutter and focusing on what is important to you. Also, the Google Apps for Business suite connects with other cloud apps to improve collaboration.Example: One example of such app is Cirrus Insight, which allows employees to manage Sales force from within Gmail, linking emails, adding contacts and updating opportunities, therefore, making sales prospecting and lead-generation processes more efficient.2. Better Collaboration with People via Chat and VideoIf you are already in your Google world, then there is no need to use separate instant messaging. Thanks to Google Hangout, now you can bring your conversations to life instantly. This app fuels the desire for seamless collaboration by allowing users to text chat live, video chat with up to 10 people and migrate between text and video. Google Hangout syncs conversations so you can keep tabs on where conversations begin and end, and also how long the conversation other people have read.3. Better Collaboration with Embedded CommunicationEmbedded communications integrates real-time communications like messaging, call routing, click-to-call, location awareness and mobility with Google Apps. Using these communication tools with Google Apps, now you can manage all your critical communications from Gmail.4. Better Collaboration on Projects with File sharingGoogle Drive for Work provides you large storage so that whenever or whenever you need any work file, you can access them. Work files can be accessed from any device and can be shared with associates and users, even with those who don’t use Google Drive. Customers can scan documents with mobile device cameras and easily convert them to PDF files.Use these Google apps to increase collaboration and communication in your organization. These apps will also helps you to increase your productivity.

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